-Mid-day dog walks: Give your dog a break with a twenty or thirty minute walk. Clients who pay for midday dog walks by the month in advance get a 5% discount.

-Vacation sits: A great option for when you want your animal to stay in the comfort of his or her home. The recommended vacation sit for a dog is three sessions that are thirty minutes long, though you may add additional time if needed. Most cats and other animals only need fifteen or twenty minutes. We do recommend thirty minutes if you go with every other day service.

-Overnights: A popular option for those who want their dog to remain in your home and have companionship during the evening hours. The visit starts with a dinner check-in visit between 5:00-6:00PM. Pet sitter will then stay from 9:00PM to 9:00AM the next morning.  When consecutive overnight stays are booked, you receive a complimentary midday visit.  If an additional visit is needed past 9 AM on the day of check-out, a regular visit charge would apply. 

-In-home boarding: This option is good for pets that can be brought into our home.  Your pets will be treated like family in a home environment, making it the #1 alternative for pet kennels.  This is a case-by-case option depending upon animal's needs and ability to get along with other dogs.  

-Dog daycare:  This is offered on a limited availability as it is in our home.  Dogs must pass a behavioral assessment to be considered for dog daycare.  Book for a half day or full day for the days you need.

-Pet Taxi: Whether you need a pet dropped off, picked up, or both, we are here to help!  We also provide shopping for your dog if you don't have the time to do it for an additional shopping fee.  Due to sitters' schedules, we ask for at least 24 hours notice on pet taxi services so we can accommodate the needs of all our clients' requests.